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HOW DO I TELL WHICH QUOTE IS BEST? - All gas & electricity suppliers present their quotes to appear most favourable; we offer accurate comparison between suppliers so you can see which is most cost-effective.

HOW DO I AVOID BEING STUCK IN A CONTRACT? - All business agreements require to be terminated at least 30 days, and up to 90 days before contract end, depending on which is your supplier.  We can send you a correctly issued termination letter for your Gas / Electricity agreement- you only need to print it and sign it. It is sometimes possible, under certain circumstances, to leave an existing contract – ENDING A CONTRACT 

DIFFICULTIES WITH  YOUR SUPPLIER - If you are having difficulties with an existing supplier, we may be able to assist you. Examples: Where you have suddenly received a bill not at contracted rates, or where your supplier changes contract terms and conditions in mid agreement, etc.  However, please note that we cannot assist with ending a contract fairly signed with a your supplier for frivolous reasons.

HOW DO I GET A RANGE OF QUOTES? - Either complete and email form  Click here   or call  0845 901 3444.

BROKER'S LETTER OF AUTHORITY - ARE YOU ALERT? - Directors and Managers - be very careful with letters of authority. Letters of authority are routinely offered by brokers to clients, to allow them to request and receive information that enables brokers to obtain information from client's gas and electricity suppliers. These letters are printed on to a company letter head, signed and dated by the client and are then used by the broker when requesting prices, asking for supply information, Half hourly data, contract end dates, etc., and when submitting contracts signed by the client. This is all normal practice and ensures that the client's information is released only to brokers authorised by the client. Unfortunately a small minority of brokers are now asking clients to sign " Letters of authority " which are , in effect, binding contracts in themselves. EXAMPLES: 1) I / We hereby authorise ___________ ___________ to act exclusively as the utility management company for ( client's name ) . NEVER SIGN ANY AGREEMENT ALLOWING A BROKER TO ACT EXCLUSIVELY ON YOUR BEHALF- YOU CANNOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE FOR PRICES. 2) I / We hereby authorise ___________ ___________ to sign contracts on our behalf .................... NEVER SIGN ANY AGREEMENT ALLOWING A BROKER TO SIGN CONTRACTS ON YOUR BEHALF, ONLY CLIENTS SHOULD SIGN CONTRACTS. EXAMPLE OF A NON- RESTRICTIVE LETTER OF AUTHORITY: 09/08/2013 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This letter authorises ________ ________ to discuss and receive information relating to our Gas and electricity supplies at the address / addresses detailed below. A. Manufacturing Company Ltd. North trading estate Nonchester N1 2YZ. This letter also allows ________ ________ to issue letters of termination where the letter of termination has been signed by ourselves. Yours, etc. Signed : Mr A. N. Other Director